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    Comfortable pillows for your bedroom in South Australia

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    Selecting the right pillow is essential to ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable night’s sleep. Whether your existing pillow has become flat and lumpy or is no longer giving you the support you need, Dreamland can help you find the perfect replacement at our stores across South Australia.

    Before investing in a new set of pillows, we recommend visiting your nearest Dreamland store for some expert advice and to try our pillows on one of our beds. Regardless of whether you prefer to scrunch, stack or cuddle your pillow, we’ll find the perfect type to suit the position you sleep in and to accommodate your size and shape. 

    Pillow ranges

    Save yourself from another sleepless night by heading to your local branch of Dreamland. We provide pillows that offer the correct level of comfort and support for you. Our full range includes:

    • Latex rubber - natural and extra-long lasting
    • Visco foam - moulds and supports the shape of your head
    • Feather & down - natural and soft
    • 100% natural wool - natural, and it breathes
    • Synthetic, polyester, and dacron - basic models to high-end, suitable for any budget
    • Quality ball fibre - an ideal washable pillow for asthmatics.
    • Allergy-free - specific models available
    • Foam - firm, medium, and soft available
    • Contoured - a great neck support and anti-snore solution.

    For healthy sleep, we recommend you always cover your pillows with machine-washable pillow protectors.

    Call us today on  1300 233 799  to find out more about our complete range of basic and luxury pillows.

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