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    Mattress care tips from South Australia’s experts

    It is essential that you care for your mattress as it is a big investment into your wellbeing. As you spend up to a third of your life sleeping on your mattress, it is essential that you give it some love and attention. Not only will this extend the life of the mattress, but it will also ensure you get the most comfort and support from it during that time.  

    Dreamland has shared some valuable mattress care tips to ensure the mattresses you buy from our stores in South Australia offer a great return on your investment.

    Use a mattress protector 

    Did you know that the use of a waterproof mattress protector will safeguard your manufacturer’s guarantee, avoiding costly sanitisation and cleaning costs? Use of a mattress protector will also avoid staining and keep your mattress fresh and clean. There are many different mattress protectors available, but ask Dreamland for expert advice when comparing the cost of a waterproof mattress protector, as it is far less than the cost of a new mattress. Another great mattress care tip is to occasionally give your mattress an overall vacuum to remove any foreign matter or dust.  

    Turn and rotate your mattress 

    Single-sided mattresses: Single-sided mattresses are designed to be rotated end to end only.

    Double-sided mattresses: A double-sided mattress should be rotated from end to end every time, plus rotated and turned over as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This will even the wear and ensure its longevity.

    To avoid injury, never turn a mattress on your own. The best time to turn your mattress is at the beginning of each season, i.e. the first day of summer, spring, autumn, and winter. More regularly if possible is even better. During the first three to four months of use of a mattress, ensure you wear it in evenly by rotating and/or turning it every two weeks. This ensures the quilting, comfort layers, and springs are worn in, gradually and evenly.  

    Body impressions 

    Body impressions (or body signatures) are often mistaken for sagging or failure. The body impression shows where you have been laying and will be evident during the life of the mattress. Modern day mattresses have very deep impressive comfort layers over the springs to ensure the moulding to each body and comfort to each sleeper, regardless of weight and shape. Like wearing a pair of shoes, each mattress conforms to each sleeper over time. It is important to wear the mattress evenly to reduce the body impressions and wear. This can be as simple as varying your sleep position and allowing more even wear of the mattress surface. The most up-to-date foams and fillings in today’s mattresses have outstanding rebound characteristics that ensure the fillings recover when no one is sleeping on it.    

    Handles on mattresses 

    Some mattresses come with what appear to be handles. These are not designed to be used as they do not take the full weight of the mattress. Handles are just used to help guide and position the mattress onto the base.  

    Consider the base in use  

    The mattress and base work together, a bit like underlay in carpet, or the suspension on a car, so it’s important to ensure you have a supportive base system under your mattress. The mattress will last longer and give more comfort to the sleeper if the base gives strong and even support. If the base is uneven, then the mattress will take the shape of the base and appear saggy, causing disturbed sleep and aches and pains from not supporting the body correctly. Always ensure the mattress sits squarely on the base and does not overhang. 

    If the mattress sits on a slat base system, ensure the slats do not move about causing uneven or extensive gaps between each slat and that they are strong enough to support the mattress. Ensure no knots in the wood sit on vulnerable spots, such as the centre of the base. Ideally, a centre rail ensures extra support to the centre of the bed where most of the body weight lays. The ideal space between slats is 75cm. The more slats in the base, the more support it will give to the mattress.  


    A guarantee or warranty card is supplied with every new mattress purchased from Dreamland at each of our stores in South Australia. Ensure this is read, understood and kept with your receipt in a safe place. Guarantees and warranties are held by the manufacturer of the mattress and cover the mattress for the said period against faulty workmanship, but not normal wear and tear. With proper care, the mattress should last for the period of the warranty. Some guarantee and warranty cards require a registration once received with the delivery of the mattress purchased.

    For more mattress care tips from our bedding specialists, call Dreamland today on  1300 233 799 .

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