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    Getting a great night’s sleep depends on many different factors, but it all begins at selecting a mattress that’s right for you in the first place. With so many options to choose from, the process of selecting a mattress on your own can be a little daunting.

    To be sure that you’re selecting a mattress that’s perfect for your comfort needs, you can always rely on the friendly and knowledgeable teams at our Dreamland stores in South Australia. With our experts by your side, we make the process of selecting a mattress easy and take the time to understand your individual support and comfort requirements.

    Our guide to selecting a mattress

    We know precisely what you need to consider before investing in a new mattress. Our mattress testing experts have listed recommendations below through a question and answer style guide.

    Q – Who will be sleeping on the mattress?

    A – Child’s first mattress

    • Choose the very best quality mattress you can afford and it will last until they leave home.
    • Firm support with a medium feel comfort layer
    • Strong edge support
    • Durable cover
    • Always add a waterproof mattress protector

    A – Teenager

    • Firstly, consider how many years your teenage child is likely to be living at home
    • Teenagers need more support as their bodies go through growing stages
    • Consider a bigger bed, such as a king single, or even a double or queen size

    A – Young adults

    • This is often a time of limited funds so choose a value-for-money option
    • Select from a middle-quality mattress in any well-known brand with a good guarantee
    • Invest in the best mattress available within your budget
    • A firm comfort level mattress will often cost less
    • Use this mattress for your spare room when upgrading to the next new mattress

    A – Middle age group

    • This age group often has a little more money to spend on a better quality mattress
    • Consider the issue of partner disturbance
    • More comfort is appreciated, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more
    • Think about a luxury solution, after all, you deserve it
    • Consider an adjustable bed for reading and watching television

    A – Mature to elderly

    • Bones and muscles deteriorate as we get older, so more comfort is needed to cushion bones
    • Good support is important to align the spine
    • A firm edge is appreciated to help when getting in and out of bed
    • Choose from a luxury quality range, and even consider an adjustable bed

    Q – How much should I spend?

    A – As much as you can afford to provide you with the best support option.

    • Budget quality: Generally they are not made to last and have very little long-term support. Queen ensembles up to $699
    • Middle quality: A middle-quality mattress will offer improved support and durability with fewer features and benefits. Queen ensemble from $799 up to $1299
    • Superior quality: The best support systems available with more comfort layers and extra features, such as limited partner movement, latex, Posturepedic springs, and chiropractic approved options. Queen ensemble from $1399 to $4000 and upwards

    Q – What if I suffer from aches and pains?

    A – Choose a mattress with good back support and minimal pressure.

    • Choose Australian-made brands and consider those with individual pocket springs, Posturepedic or Miracoil spring cores, as these contour to your body shape
    • Avoid excessive deep comfort layers that do not fully support body weight
    • When mattress testing, lay on your side and check that your spine is straight. Spend around 10-20 minutes on the mattress to ensure you’re comfortable and supported
    • Latex mattresses will mould to your body and eliminate pressure points

    Q – Looking for a spare bed?

    A – Select from a middle-quality range from any major brand.

    • To suit the majority of your guests, choose a mattress that isn’t too hard or too soft

    Q – Should I buy a pillow-top mattress?

    A – Only if extra comfort is required.

    • If you choose a mattress whereby the whole mattress adjusts to your body weight, such as latex form or pocket springs, you may not need a pillow-top
    • Pillow-top mattresses may develop body impressions. This is a normal occurrence as you sleep in the mattress rather than on it

    Q – Which brand should I choose?

    A – Different brands have a different type of support system.

    • Some brands have more partner disturbance than others
    • Others, like full foam or full latex, feel quite “dead”
    • It is common to feel comfortable with a brand or construction that you have previously owned, and if you do, it’s probably best to stick to what you like best

    For expert advice in selecting a mattress that’s just right, call us today on  1300 233 799.

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