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Dreamland hero mattress protector

    Wide range of mattress protectors for your bedroom in South Australia

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    Keep your mattress in pristine condition for longer and ensure its freshness with one of our quality mattress protectors. At our stores throughout South Australia, you’ll find fully fitted and elastic strap versions, suitable for single, queen, and king size beds.

    Mattress protectors are an essential item for both kids and adult beds, guaranteeing a clean and healthy mattress. Dreamland has basic polyester, 100% natural cotton, and waterproof varieties available to suit your needs and budget.

    You can choose from: 

    • Wool pile topper for extra cushioning, comfort, and insulation
    • Fitted mattress protectors in standard depths and deep-lined options
    • Protect-A-Bed’s terry cotton mattress protector with a waterproof miracle membrane 
    When it comes to protecting your mattress, Dreamland has your every need covered.

    Call Dreamland today on  1300 233 799  to find out more about our wide variety of mattress protectors.

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