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    Stop dreading bedtime battles. Get a bed your child will want to sleep in.

    At Dreamland in Adelaide, we specialize in fun and unique bunk beds that will make your child’s bedroom the envy of the neighbourhood. Choose from a wide selection of timber, metal and painted frames in both simple and luxurious designs. Whether you want a basic bunk bed for your toddlers or a bed fit for your little princess, we can accommodate you.

    Save Space in Your Child’s Bedroom

    Bunk beds are a perfect solution for conserving space in a small home or for accommodating social children and their friends during sleepovers. And we have designed our bunk beds with these purposes in mind. With features like pull-out drawers, shelves and under-bed storage, your child will have an easier time keeping his or her room clean.

    Choose Quality at Value Prices

    All of our beds are built to Australian safety standards and feature sturdy safety rails to keep even the most restless sleepers secure. We also pride ourselves on the excellent value of our products and are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase.

    Click on the links below to see an enlarged view of our unique and stylish bunk bed collections.

    To enhance your child’s bedroom with stylish bunk beds, call Dreamland today on  1300 233 799.

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